York Green Party

The Green Party is making huge strides!

Combined UK Green Party membership is now higher than that of the UKIP and the Lib Dems. Regional membership has trebled in the last year. At the May 2015 local elections, York Green Party doubled its number of Green Councillors, and in the Paliamentary election we almost trebled the number of Green votes cast in York Central

In York, the Green Party has now four councillors in Fishergate ward, Guildhall ward and Micklegate ward. In the 2019 local elections, we plan to elect more, but we’ll need the help of all our supporters.


Local and General Elections, May 2015

On Thursday May 7th 2015 elections took place in York for the two parliamentary constituencies of York Central and York Outer, as well as for the City Council. Greens did extremely well in both sets of elections, doubling our seats on the City Council with wins for Denise Craghill in Guildhall and Lars Kramm in Micklegate.

Incumbent Councillors Dave Taylor and Andy D’Agorne were re-elected in Fishergate with increased majorities. The total number of Green votes cast in the local election was double the number in the 2011 elections.

European Elections, May 2014

In the recent Euro elections, York voters gave the Green Party the highest percentage vote in Yorkshire and the Humber at 16%. Our total of 7456 was 50% above the Lib Dems and only 25% below the Labour and Tory totals. Elsewhere in the UK we gained a new MEP for SW England to add to the two re-elected Green UK MEPs.

Local election results May 2011

York Green Party performed well compared with the national picture in the May local elections.

York Greens comfortably held Fishergate ward, with councillors Andy D’Agorne and Dave Taylor being re-elected with over half the vote, leaving the other parties trailing well behind. The Greens built on their support in other key wards, achieving impressive second places in Micklegate (with 32% of the vote), Heslington (30%), Guildhall (23%) and Clifton (21%). Averaging across all wards in the York Central parliamentary constituency, Greens have the second highest share of vote, ahead of the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives.This forms a very promising basis for fighting the next local elections in 2015.

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