Privacy Notice of Cllr Lars Kramm

Privacy Notice

Generally, my work as a councillor is covered by the privacy policy of City of York Council, which can be found under But as an individual councillor, when I am acting as a representative of the residents of my ward (e.g. taking forward complaints made or other casework) then I am considered as a data controller in my own right and would not be covered by the local authority’s policy. In these circumstances I am still committed to protecting your personal data and ensuring full compliance with UK and EU data protection laws, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The main areas of activity for which I use and retain data relevant to data protection and privacy are:

  • To manage casework for constituents (ward residents)
  • To manage correspondence with other individuals and organisations in the course of dealing with wider issues in the ward or the city.
  • To manage correspondence with City of York Council officers

Storing data

All personal data supplied to me by constituents (name, email address, phone number, postal address and any other details supplied relating to casework enquiries) is stored securely and treated confidentially. All data received by email to my official council email address is stored within my City of York Council secure email management system. Any data received by letter or hard copy or by phone and noted down is stored in a secure filing cabinet. Please be aware the phone answering machine at my home phone number is accessible and will be checked by other members of my family.

Correspondence with constituents

To deal with casework requests, I retain personal identities, contact information and the content of communications. This is essential to deal with requests effectively, which can take some considerable time to resolve and which often require follow-up work and reference to earlier correspondence.

Issue-based communications from residents also help to identify broader problems and opportunities in parts of the ward and inform the need for further action.

Retention of details and timescales can help to inform future action. Personal details or content are never shared with third parties outside the Council without explicit consent (see below).

I will generally retain personal data for a maximum of four years or the length of my tenure in office (whichever is shorter). I may contact some constituents as appropriate to seek your explicit consent to keep data longer than this period.

Correspondence with other individuals and organisations

I retain email (and occasionally other) communications from other individuals and organisations as above, where contact details or information about issues raised will contribute to dealing with those issues more effectively in future.

Sharing personal data with third parties

I will not disclose your personal data to third parties outside the Council without your explicit consent.

I am advised that data protection law is clear that a casework enquiry to me by definition gives your explicit consent to share information with Council officers in order to resolve your enquiry. However, I will only share information that is necessary to resolve the issue and will only share information with those officers that are appropriate to resolve the issue. I will always seek your prior consent to share personally sensitive information with any third party.


I will only communicate with individuals on the issues they have raised with me unless they have given explicit consent to receive more general communications such as e-newsletters or communication from York Green Party.

Access to your personal information

You are entitled to access and request deletion of any of your personal information that I may hold at any time. Email:

Changes to this data retention and privacy notice

I will keep this privacy notice under review and amend it where necessary, indicating when any updates are made.

Last updated on 25/05/2018