Environment Agency event: Clementhorpe flood alleviation scheme

There will be a public event of The Environment Agency on 8 May at Southlands Methodist Church: New Hall between 2:30 and 8pm.

This event is in response to feedback received on 6 March in relation to the proposed Clementhorpe Flood Alleviation Scheme (FAS). At this event, held at the Community Centre on Lower Ebor Street, a number of residents raised concerns about access to the site from Butcher Terrace and along Terry Avenue in front of Rowntree Park. I have attached a copy of the feedback report for information.

The planning application for the Clementhorpe FAS is currently live on city of York Council planning portal, ref 19/00570/FUL. We hope that by giving residents further opportunity to talk to the project team and view the information included in our planning application, we will enable residents to comment on the application and also ensure residents’ concerns are taken into account throughout the development of this scheme.

The event will focus on:

1) Site access

2) Noise

3) Vegetation management

Plans for the scheme will be available to view and the EA project team will be on hand to discuss the proposals with residents. The Project Manager of the South Bank Property Flood Resilience Scheme to be on hand to update residents on progress and answer any questions.


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