Month: August 2018

Don’t let the government fast-track fracking – Petitions & Consultations #York

The government wants to class exploratory drilling as ‘permitted development’ – the same category as putting up a garden shed. This would mean fracking companies could drill across the English countryside without the need to apply for planning permission.

There are so many reasons why this policy belongs in the bin. By speeding up fracking, it would:

  • trample on local democracy
  • threaten the climate
  • and scar the countryside.

If enough of us raise our concerns, the government has to listen. We recently stopped a climate-wrecking coal mine in Northumberland after thousands of us wrote to the government to reject it.

The government’s trying to sneak this through quietly. But if it happens, it could set a dangerous precedent for our democracy. Not to mention the devastation it could cause to our countryside, from the Yorkshire Moors to Sherwood Forest.

Now we have a window of opportunity to stop the government fast-tracking fracking. Can you share your reasons for opposing it?

Sign the petitions:

This petition urges Greg Clark (written by Campaign to Protect Rural England), Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, to drop measures to:CPRE

● Treat exploratory drilling as permitted development.
● Include fracking in the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects Regime.

This petition urges the relevant Secretaries (downloadwritten by Friends of the Earth), to ensure that local councils retain their right to make planning decisions on fracking, and to not allow fracking companies to drill without planning permission.

Respond to the consultation:LET_COMMUNITIYS_DECIDE

Now is also your chance to tell the government directly what you think about its plans. Can you respond to the government’s consultation? Friends of the Earth made it as easy as possible to submit your response, so it’ll only take a few minutes.


Write to you councillors and MPs:

You can find the contact details of all City of York Councillors here.

If you live in York Central you can contact your MP on

If you leave in York Outer you can contact your MP on



Quiz @Friends_earth : Can you spot the secret plastics? #York

York Greens working hard to reduce the amount of plastics in the city and City of York Council passed recently a motion to look into further ways of reducing our use of plastics. But the biggest impact on reduction has the individual behaviour of every resident and visitor. But most of the time we do not know where plastic is hidden. Friends of the Earth created this little quiz to test your knowledge and to show you if  you are using more plastic than you think. Plastic is now hidden in so many of the things we use every day, even the most eco-friendly shoppers don’t always know when they’re buying it. Just through the pressure from people like you, we can achieve  more wins on waste over the years and keep the government true to their promises to reduce plastic waste.

Take this quick quiz to see if you can spot which 8 everyday items contain hidden plastics – almost no one can get them all right! (The quiz is hosted by Friends of the Earth, before entering any personal details please check their privacy policy for further information).

Here’s question one:

Which of these often contains hidden plastic?
Plastic really is everywhere you look, including in our oceans. Up to 12 million tonnes of it ends up in the sea every year – that’s almost the same weight as a million London buses!

Sea creatures get caught up in plastic pollution or mistake it for food. And now, harmful chemicals linked to plastic are being found in marine species from plankton to dolphins. We need to cut down on the amount of plastic we use, but that’s going to be hard without introducing more plastic-free choices.

That’s why we’ve created this quiz: we need to wake people up to the danger of plastic in our oceans, and grow our campaign to clamp down on plastic pollution. So try the Hidden Plastics Quiz now, and send a message to the government at the end. It only takes two minutes:

Take the quiz now

And every time we talk about plastics it is worth to mention this useful overview from St Nicks about the different kinds of plastic and which are recycled in York.


Petition @Independent for #Finalsay on #Brexit -Help to reach the 1,000,000! @YorkGreens


Last month the Independent started their Final Say campaign calling for the people to have the last word on the Brexit deal and launched a petition ( Just over a week later, 500,000 people had signed the petition, making it the biggest campaign in the history of The Independent, and proving just how much people care. Currently they are heading for the 700,000.

After parliament returns from recess on 4 September, they want to take the petition to Downing Street. How many signatures they have at that moment will inevitably have a huge influence on whether we get a Final Say, and we need your help to make sure our voice is truly heard.

Planet South Bank Annual Street-re-Cycle in #Micklegate : Sunday 2nd September, 11am to 3pm

The annual Planet South Bank Street-re-Cycle event returns this year, in early September.

Join in the clear-out! Put stuff on show outside your house and sell it, swap it or give it away. All good green fun…

Items can include books, toys, DVDs, clothes, shoes, leftover tins of paint, spare bits of wood, furniture items…(take care not to block pavements or access ways, and tidy up anything not taken by the end of the event).

They won’t be organising sign-ups this year, there will be lots of households taking part. Tell your neighbours and friends, put up posters, invite neighbours to join in and clear their stuff too!

Questions / more information?


Advice for Cyclist by #York City Neighbourhood Team

York City Centre is home to many wonderful sites and businesses and many people utilise different means of transport to get into the City, including pedal cycles.

The following message from York City NPT contains advice for travelling into the city on pedal cycle and security tips to keep your cycle safe and protected from damage or would be thieves.

York has good cycle infrastructure and access into the city centre can be done by designated cycle lanes if required. There are a multitude of cycle racks dotted around the city centre and these are a good place to store your cycle for the day. The cycle racks are located in prominent areas of the city and most have information boards on how to secure your cycle. If you do cycle into the city centre please consider the following:

1) Always lock your cycle – ensure you use a good cycle lock to secure your cycle. Utilising a lock deters criminals who may be after easy pickings and ensuring the lock is adequate enough to secure your cycle will go a long way in protecting it.

2) Take things with you – Panniers and Lights are easily removed – Take these with you to prevent others helping themselves.

3) Picture it – Take a photograph of your bike and note any serial numbers or unique identifying features. If you are unfortunate to become a victim of crime then having this information to hand will assist North Yorkshire Police with their investigations.

4) Get it Marked – The City NPT teams are going to be running some property marking events specifically for cycles over the next month. Thieves often remove serial numbers to try and disguise stolen property but property marking is a discreet way of adding an identity to your property which may assist in you getting it back in the unfortunate event of it being stolen.

5) Get it registered – If you are unable to come to one of out events to get your cycle marked then visit and register your property for free. You can add photographs and any serial numbers to this site and this database can be checked by the police for stolen cycles and other property.

6) Don’t leave it – Avoid leaving your cycle overnight if possible. During the day the city is busy with people but at night it can often be deserted, giving would be thieves more of an opportunity to try and steal your property.

Please be vigilant if you’re visiting the city centre and report any suspicious activity in or around the cycle racks to 101 or 999

Can we also remind you that cyclists are to adhere to the highway code and there are a number of no entry and one way streets within the city centre

Parts of the city centre is also pedestrianised between 10.30am and 5.00pm and anyone found cycling within this area between these times may be liable for a fine of up to £100

If you would like any further information then please contact the York City Neighbourhood Team via 101, email or via Twitter @NPTYorkCity

Follow them on Facebook or Twitter for up to date information on their activities.

If you are wanting to report a crime then this is to be done via 101 and in an emergency call 999.