#Micklegate by-election 2017 retains status quo

Micklegate Byelection result

The elections are over for the time being and the Green4Micklegate Team would like to express heartfelt thanks to all voters, supporters and volunteers who have helped us during this long election campaign in Micklegate. We have fought a serious campaign in Micklegate and have done remarkably well given the squeeze in minor party votes that we have seen in the general election which has also had a knock-on effect in the by-election.

Firstly, I would like to give credit where credit is due. Congratulations to Cllr Jonny Crawshaw to his successful election campaign. It seems that Micklegate stays the rainbow ward with cross-representation. I am looking forward to work with Johnny and hope we can maintain working in the ward above party lines in the interest of the residents of Micklegate.

A particular thanks to our candidate: Rosie Baker. Rosie joint the Green4Micklegate team just after moving to Clementhorpe and hit the ground running. She has worked tirelessly in the campaign and secured our place as the main challenger to the Labour Party in the ward. I am very glad, that she already committed to stay involved in the Green ward team and support me in the ward work.Turnout2017

Very positive was the increased turn-out in the election with more residents involved in this election than last time. I hope all residents stay involved and actively participate in our ward committees, surgeries and consultations.

We cannot pretend that this election night has been a good night for the Greens or for Green policies, but that simply means that we will all have to continue to work hard for the things that are so important to us in Micklegate, York and the UK.

Cllr Lars Kramm


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