Alleyway gating in #Micklegate rejected

In his last decision session on Thursday, 3rd March, the Executive Member for Transport did not seal the Public Spaces Protection Order to restrict public rights over the alleyway

between Brunswick Street/South Bank Avenue; and

between Knavesmire Crescent /Curzon Terrace and Curzon Terrace/Albemarle Road in the Micklegate Ward

The number of objections received for Brunswick Street/South Bank Avenue would suggest that the scheme would not be appropriate for the area, and the money saved could be better used.  Previous schemes had shown that where gates have been installed, without the full support of all residents, it can lead to gates being misused and local tensions between supporters and objectors.

Previous consultations for the Knavesmire Crescent /Curzon Terrace and Curzon Terrace/Albemarle Road  alleyway have found that residents are not in favour of alley gating, and the results of the consultation reflect this. The complicated layout of the alleyway and the waste collection changes that would be required, lead officers to recommend that this scheme would not be appropriate.

Further information are available here:


One comment

  1. If only the Council would continue to clean gated alleyways and would collect refuse and recycling from the back of properties then maybe more residents would find alley-gating acceptable. Sure, it cuts burglaries massively, but if you have to drag bags of stinking refuse through your house in order to have it collected by the Council every fortnight then it’s no wonder that the proposals don’t always find favour with residents.


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