Month: March 2015

Green candidates support Yorspace’s bid

AS The three Green Party candidates for Micklegate ward, we wish to express our support for Yorspace’s bid to provide much-needed affordable housing on the Oliver House site.

This is a serious and well-thought-out bid. It is an opportunity to improve the mix of York’s housing stock as, well as the chance to provide a wonderful asset for the Bishophill community.

It goes without saying that we fully respect the need to maximise the financial return on this property, particularly in light of drastic Government cuts to York council’s budget. However, the highest bid is not always the best.

There are so many positives in Yorspace’s proposal that their ideas should not be ignored. Yorspace have engaged with the local community from the outset and enjoy widespread support in Micklegate for their plans.

The Labour council leader has an important decision to make on March 19.

It is a chance to demonstrate an imaginative approach to York’s housing needs, rather than the sanctioning of yet another luxury development that will further price local people out of York’s housing market.

Mark Havercroft, Helen Johnson and Lars Kramm, Green4Micklegate candidates for the local elections

The Greens have saved vital services in York, says Micklegate candidate Mark Havercroft

MarkHavercroft3In response to Cllr Ann Reid’s budget disappointments (Letters, March 7), may I point out that, as a result of Green Party amendments to Labour’s budget, Yearsley Pool and the Youth Advice Centre at 29 Castlegate will now remain open; the cut to front-line libraries funding will be reversed and vital funding will be provided for front line work in children’s centres.

These are real achievements that will benefit York people and are a tribute to the skill and tenacity of York Green Party’s budget team.

They represent sound prioritising of resources in very challenging circumstances: a drastic cuts budget, forced on the council in large part by a 46 per cent cut in funding since 2010 by the Coalition Government, of which Cllr Reid’s party is a member.

Mark Havercroft