Month: January 2015

What should be done with Terry’s Clock Tower?


York Environment Forum is hosting an Open Forum at 7:00pm on Wednesday 21st January 2015. The venue is St.Chad’s Church, Campleshon Road, South Bank, and the aim is to find out what people think the tower should be used for in future.

The proposals outlined during the exhibition in November for flats to be built in the tower, which would leave no public access to the building.

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Public consultation: Tree removal notification at Chocolate Works – Deadline Wed 14 Jan 2015

City of York received an application for trees to be removed on the western boundary of The Chocolate Works (Former Terry’s Chocolate factory).


You can object or leave a comment here:

On this map you can see the trees in question:

Please be aware that the STANDARD CONSULTATION EXPIRY DATE is Wed 14 Jan 2015

Jonathan Tyler, Green York Central candidate, on nuclear weapons

On May 7 we have not just local election in Micklegate ward, but also the general elections. As Green membership soars and voters lose faith in the three main parties, we see the next general election to be ‘wide open’. The national Green party is targeting a dozen seats across England, which could either be won or come close to seizing in next May’s general election. One of these 12 seats is York Central, the constituency containing Micklegate. Therefore we also would like to provide from time to time information from our Green MP-candidate Jonathan Tyler.

He recently clarified the Green position on nuclear weapons:

“The Green Party rejects any reliance on nuclear weapons.

“I support the decommissioning of the UK’s nuclear weapons and the removal of US nuclear bases.

“No further research should take place into nuclear weapons and the export of nuclear technology should be stopped. Ships carrying nuclear weapons should be banned from British ports.

The Green Party aims to reclassify the UK as a non-nuclear state under the terms of the Non-Proliferation Treaty and open the country to the appropriate international inspection agencies.  The UK signed the Treaty in 1970.

“If elected as an MP I will vote for Trident to be scrapped at the time of the next Strategic Defence and Security Review in 2016.

“Spending billions on weapons that, far from making us safer, actually make the world a more dangerous place is a shocking waste of money that would be better spent on investment in public services and on infrastructure to help us switch to a zero-carbon economy”.

Public Railways – Reduced Fares

York Greens are joining in with the national Day of Action organised by Action for Rail (rail unions), the Green Party, the People’s Assembly and others calling for the railways to be brought back into public ownership.

Rail privatisation has led to poor services, cramped trains and extortionate fares. It’s ripping off passengers, harming the economy and failing the environment. The Green Party is joining Action for Rail, the People’s Assembly and others to demand the return of our railways into public hands – to improve services, reduce fares and provide a better deal for passengers.

Since privatisation rail fares have risen by 23% above inflation. Yet private rail companies have invested very little in service improvements. The taxpayer has poured £11 billion into the railways whilst the rail companies pay out millions to shareholders each year. See for more detailed figures.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Write to your MP urging them to support Green MP Caroline Lucas’s Railways Bill calling for the railways to be brought fully back into public hands. The Bill is due for second reading on 9th January. Contact your MP now via See for the Green Party’s General Election policies on the railways and reducing public transport fares.